FairTax Endorsement and Tax Reform Town Hall

Kenny Golden, independent candidate for Congress, endorses the FairTax and announces a town hall meeting on tax reform:

"Our current tax system is patently unfair and unequal. The middle class and small businesses shoulder too much of the burden, while large multi-national corporations are allowed to take advantage of lobbyist made loopholes and offshore tax havens. I sincerely believe that the quickest, most efficient way to fix our system is to eliminate all Federal income taxes and transition to the FairTax, a consumption based system."
JFCOM: An Insider's Perspective

While my competitors for the Second District Congressional seat go at each other over the aircraft carrier and JFCOM issues, it becomes incumbent upon me, the only candidate with real experience on both aircraft carriers and at United States Joint Forces Command (JFCOM), a “plank owner” by the way, to point out the real seriousness of the poor and reactionary decision made by Defense Secretary Gates. With respect to his position and service to our country, I must question his decision to close our only command dedicated to the purpose of “Jointness” in all areas.


The Approaching Military-Economic Crisis

The recent announcement by Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) Robert Gates that Norfolk- based US Joint Forces Command (JFCOM) will be closed is one of several potential actions by the Department of Defense (DoD) that will not only seriously damage the economic viability of our district, but also will impair the combat readiness of US military forces. Other potential impacts include:

  • Loss of likely two aircraft carriers to Naval Station Mayport, FL.
Kenny responds to proposed closing of Joint Forces Command
The Defense Business Board (DBB), a group of independent advisors to the Pentagon, has recommended closing Norfolk based Joint Forces Command to reduce costs in the Department of Defense.
Independent Second District Congressional Candidate Kenny Golden, however, disagrees with the assessment:
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